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Annie Watkins Therapy

Trusted Integrative Therapist

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“One of the most sincere forms of respect is actually listening to what another has to say.”

Bryant H. McGill

About Annie

As a qualified integrative therapist, respect is at the centre of my beliefs. I fervently believe that an individual, no matter who you are, should have the arena in which to be heard, without prejudice, without judgement, and with compassion.

How Annie Works

A Trusting and Equal Space


The importance of a safe and trusting space is vital in the relationship between client and therapist


Online and In-Person

Inclusion, diversity and acceptance are all integral to my practice

At the moment I offer therapy in-person and online

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DP, South Wales

"I was nervous about having counselling, I think men often can be, but Annie was recommended so I got in touch. She immediately put me at ease, and at this particularly difficult time in my life, I felt listened to, unjudged and respected. Thanks Annie!"

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