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Services & What to Expect


Our space will be one of confidentiality, trust and a pace that you feel able to go at.


I believe in fairness and equality. 

In-person or Online

I am currently offering both in-person and online sessions, and have some availability - please feel free to contact me for more information

What to expect


We will need one initial session which will give you the chance to experience me as a therapist, to have a sense of my therapeutic setting, and to tell me a little about yourself, including what brings you to therapy at this point in your life.  We will have the opportunity to decide whether we are best placed to work effectively together.  There is no commitment at this stage.


We will have the opportunity to discuss whether your needs are such that short term work may suffice, or whether longer term therapy may be needed.

This initial (phone or online) session is 15 minutes long, and then all future sessions, should you wish to continue, are 50 minutes and will be held at the same day and time every week. 


At the moment I am offering sessions, by online via Doxy or in-person. If you choose online, sometimes, when technology is involved, the prospect of working this way can feel daunting, but I am very experienced with online working and am able to work with you to make the most of your online sessions. 


Initial15 minute (phone or online) consultation is free.

Going forward all sessions (50 minutes) will be charged at £50. 

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